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Welcome to GFL Cart Ordering Online. Please note that this service is for MACOMB TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS only.

If you need a larger cart for trash or yard waste please note that 96 gallon trash and yard waste carts are voluntary. You need to order them below and we will add $1.00 per month, for each cart requested. The $1 per month fee is added to your quarterly bill. Carts will be available for delivery starting November 15, 2015 (maybe sooner as supplies come in from manufacturer) please allow two weeks for delivery once ordered. Orders filled on a first come, first served, basis.

65 gallon recycling carts are voluntary and residents need to request one. No charge for the first one and there’s a $65.00 per cart fee for each additional one. These carts are expected to ship March, 2016 (maybe sooner as supplies come in from manufacturer). Orders filled on a first come, first served, basis.

18 gallon recycling bins are also available on a voluntary basis. You would receive the first one free and would need to pay $12.50 for each additional cart.

You can not request both a 65 gallon recycling cart and 18 gallon recycling bin so please estimate your recycling needs and order wisely.

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For the Household and Yard Waste carts, there will be a $1 per month per cart rental charge billed to your account quarterly.
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96 gallon Yard Waste
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Recycle Carts Each cart comes with easy-rolling, heavy duty wheels, an hinged, attached lid, an easy-grip tip bar and is delivered to your home.